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LRES Training Management provides RTO services to clients including a range of Private Providers and Institutes of TAFE. LRES is able to assist in aspects of RTO management and compliance. The two principal consultants and implementation specialists, Richard Skiba and Lauren Edwards offer extensive experience to the RTO Sector.
LRES have developed a range of training and assessment materials across a number of training packages including: AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management; AUR Automotive Retail, Service and Repair; BSB Business Services; CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and Services; HLT Health; MSA07 Manufacturing; RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry; SIH11 Hairdressing Training Package; TLI Transport and Logistics; UEE11 Electrotechnology; amoungst others. Each unit resource is provided as an editable word document . All resources include a Learner Guide with Unit Content, Assessment Tasks, Competency Records, Benchmark Answers and Assessment Mapping. Resources are provided to clients branded with their logo.
LRES provides a full ranges of services through document production and on-site consultation to meet the requirements of RTO clients. This includes audit support, rectifications, scope additions, etc.
LRES also provides full web development services including website hosting, domain name registration, design and development to RTO clients designed to meet compliance standards related to RTO marketing. LRES is aware that RTOs have very specific requirements with regard to maintaining compliance and published web content. Online courses including Work safely around power sources, services and assets, Health and Safety in an Agricultural Work Environment and Supporting Learners with Special Needs are also available.
LRES Training Management produces training and assessment materials developed around the Specification of Competency Standards for use by education and training providers in Hong Kong to support the training and learning activities of their program participants. The Training and Assessment materials are designed to cover both the theory and practical aspects of the underpinning Specification of Competency Standards. Each training resource includes subject area content, assessment tasks with observation checklists for practical tasks, competency records, benchmark answers and mapping of the assessment tasks to the Specification of Competency Standards.

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